Safety Guidelines

Our goal at Kinland is to create dolls that inspire children to be nurturing and kind. We also want to make sure that your child has the safest playing experience. Please take a look at our safety and age appropriate guidelines to ensure the safety of your child while playing with their doll. 

 Children should always be supervised while playing with their doll. Even toys with safety regulations can cause accidents when unsupervised. Parental supervision is required while dolls are being played with.

 The dolls are not designed for sleeping.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that, no soft toys, pillows, or loose bedding should be used in any safe sleep practice. These can pose a suffocation risk if left unsupervised.

 Please also keep dolls away from any heat sources or open flames.

Each doll is handmade in Godfrey, Illinois in the United States. The dolls are made from materials that are acceptable under the US Product Safety Compliance regulations.  We vigorously check dolls before they are shipped, but recommend that you also exam your doll before given to your child. If there are any errors please email us immediately at

 Please regularly check your doll for any flaws that would pose as a safety risk.